Dear Dr Brash

Dear Dr Brash

Congratulations on your excellent piece in the Herald the other day. You really put those natives in their place, eh? Just like you did at Orewa. You must be feeling like it is 2004 all over again? Good times.

Although, I’m a bit concerned that you might have been a bit subtle in places. A lot of the racists that I know are not very bright and they might have missed some of your key messages. For example, you have that line about Hobson and the chiefs at Waitangi:

“to suggest that Governor Hobson really saw himself, on behalf of Queen Victoria, entering into a partnership with a large number of chiefs, many of whom could neither read nor write, has to be a total nonsense”

Great stuff. I particularly liked the “total nonsense” bit at the end. Some people think you need a reasoned argument to make a convincing point, but you’re right not to listen to them. Just add “total nonsense” or “ludicrous” to anything you disagree with. Only pointy-headed pinkos like Lord Cooke waste their time with logic and reason. But I still think you might need to be a bit more explicit about what you mean here. I can see that you are making the point that Europeans are superior to Māori, but I’m not sure everyone will have understood. I think you should have used the term “stone-age culture” like you did in 2011 or at least said “all cultures are not of equal value”, another of your classic lines from 2011, of course. Don’t be afraid of using that old material. Social Darwinism never goes out of fashion!

I know you have included little references to Treaty ‘breaches’ taking place “nearly 200 years ago” and the Treaty not applying to local government “176 years later”, but I think you could also be a bit more explicit in saying that New Zealand should not have to make good on its undertakings because the Treaty of Waitangi is so old. Some things get better with age – red wine, rejected politicians, etc. But we all know documents of a constitutional nature need to be thrown out as soon as the right people have got what they want out of it. The Magna Carta (1215) and the Bill of Rights (1688) are different of course. Nobody would suggest getting rid of those just because they’re really old. That would be total nonsense. Ludicrous.

One final thing – I remember with all that foreshore and seabed business that you proudly refused to read the Waitangi Tribunal report on the subject. Genius! It would have been difficult to hold the position you did if you had read it. Ignorance is bliss, right? I see that you obviously haven’t read the Waitangi Tribunal’s report on Stage 1 of the National Freshwater Inquiry either. Very sensible. Understanding Māori rights or the legal issues at stake will only get in the way of your message. Much better to just take a sensational quote from the first Māori person you can find. Best if they no longer hold office for any national representative body. As you are perhaps more aware than anyone, when you don’t have any mandate to speak on an issue, you’re free to say whatever crazy thought pops into your head.

Anyway, hope that is useful.

Keep up the good work.

Your friend,


P.S. Well done on deducing that Lizzie Marvelly was referring to you. Who would have known that “racist sentiment … from a disaffected group of extreme right-wing former politicians” was meant to be you? It is quite misleading of her to describe you and Muriel Newman as a group.